About Our Company

There is no more need to own a property to experience its advantages. Escapenow offers a unique investment instrument allowing to gain revenue on a growing interest to sharing economy, new lifestyle and tourism across Russia. You may become an owner of a modern personal touristic project.


We offer authentic travel experiences

Escapenow was born as an answer to actual needs of tourists and travellers who are tired from a monotony of hotels. We want to experience a unique and authentic leisure in legendary places that would resonate with our values. It is difficult to raise a high quality hotel at the foot of Elbrus or in Altai forests , but it is easy to place an assembled high class apartment without upsetting a nature balance. The panoramic glass allows guests to enjoy wild nature.

Designer Escapenow
We pay a lot of attention to the interior design, since we consider visual and tactile aspects as an important components of voyage and leisure. The smallest well-thought-out details create the unique atmosphere of the place and allows the guests to enjoy the natural space deeper and freely.
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Dmitriy Kurilov

Combine online and IT potential

Escapenow goes out of the frame conception of getting income in real estate development. Locations' choice is based on data analysis, online tools allow to purchase the apartment being anywhere in the world. The owner gets the rental income under a contract of trust.

Open new perspectives

Escapenow is ready to grow in tourist regions of Russia and around major cities. The company intends to enter the international market and install apartments outside of Russia.


Become our partner

We are always of interest to new locations for Escapenow apartments and sales / advertising channels' development. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas for improving the service or other offers of cooperation.


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