How does it work

Escapenow offers an online service for selling and servicing high class shared apartments.

Apartments are placed in regions with tourist traffic that guarantees occupancy up to 95%. Growing interest to selected regions and a stable demand for rented accommodations provide profitability and fast payback.

  • 18-32months

    an average payback

  • 12-22%

    estimated rental income

Gain your first income in 6 months

More people travel across Russia every year
Investors and government develop sharing economy projects
 There is a lack of tourist infrastructure in Russia. Demand is growing

More people travel across Russia every year

  • 59%

    The growth of the short-term housing rent sector in Russia in 2019

  • +35%

    The growth in number of trips Russians make around the country

  • +9%

    Hotels’ income growth in Russia in 2019

Investors and government develop sharing economy projects

Data: RBK, RAEC and Tiar Center

  • 770billion

    The market volume for sharing services in 2019 in Russia

  • 10%

    Sector of the sharing economy in China's GDP

  • $335Billion

    The global sharing economy volume by 2025

There is a lack of tourist infrastructure in Russia. Demand is growing

  • $4.1BILLION

    Volume of investment transactions in 2019

  • $4,5BILLION

    Investment volume forecast for 2020

Profitability Guaranteed

by existing demand

We select our locations based on data analysis from regional authorities and global partners

The apartments are located in regions with a growing demand for tourist infrastructure.

The apartment's manufacturing, delivery and installation processes take up to five months. Since your order has proceed we start to prepare the apartment for welcoming the first guests and create a constant traffic of tenants to evenly fill the accomodation calendar. The owner receives the first payment on the bank account after 5 or 6 months.

Online from purchase to first income

We work under a fiduciary management agreement: we are engaged in servicing the apartment, attracting and accommodating guests.

  1. Choose your favourite location, window view and a design option.
  2. Sign a sale-and-purchase agreement on your property.
  3. We install the apartment and attract clients.
  4. You receive an income to your bank account every month.

We are happy to organize a tour if you want to explore the location or experience the leisure in the apartment.

A simple form of business relations

Apartments are not considered as a real estate

A simple digital workflow and quick transaction without a state registration of the transfer of ownership.

Not considered as an object of capital construction

A building permit, commissioning and cadastral registration are not required.

No placement standards

Apartments have no foundation and may be installed along riversides and in protected natural areas.

Can be purchased online by signing an electronic contract

The process of buying an accommodation involves two legal steps : a contract of sale and contract of trust. The transaction is made online, the original copies are sent by mail.


Why apartments are more profitable than other investment forms


Profitability is higher than in deposit loans. Monthly payments

Banks offer no more than 6% of annual rate for deposits as a traditional investment instrument.

In contrast Escapenow apartments have 12-22% profitability, a full cost insurance and monthly income payments.

Touristic apartments' profitability is 6 times higher than an ordinary condominiums' one



The flat with equal price starts making a revenue after 178 months and burdens an owner with surplus expenses.

Apartments brings profit in 18–30 months. You gain a trustee who handles the service and a financial gain with no taxes and no need to declare a property.

The growth in tourist sphere in Russia is just starting

+15% A YEAR

The growth of apartment sharing market in Russia since 2014

Cash value depends on currencies' volatility and a variety of macroeconomic factors.

Escapenow apartment is an investment instrument working independently from inner circumstances because people continue to travel in spite of economic recession.