The Altai Republic is situated in the Altai Mountains at the junction of the Siberian taiga. The region has an expanding year-round touristic flow.


Altai is well known for diverse contrasting landscapes and luxuriant nature. There are mountain ranges, transparent lakes, turbulent rivers, steppes and dense forests. The diversity attracts tourists from all over the world all year round. Nature lovers could live a life of adventure here experiencing mountain climbing, caving, mountain rafting or horseback riding.


Tourism in Altai has no seasonable curve due to its temperate continental climate with dry and mild summers and cold snowy winters. Climbing season on Altai lasts for all year. In summer people go hiking, experience horseback riding and rafting along the rivers.

The Altai Territory is one of the sunniest Western Siberian regions. The frost-free season lasts up to 120 days.

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Curious fact

Altai has its own "sakura" — tourists observe Rhododendron ledebourii flowering in the mountains in May.

Tourist traffic

Two million people visit the region annually. Here comes people from Siberia, tourists from all over Russia and foreigners. The interest has also grown in the area due to its spiritual significance to New Age believers.


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Why is it worth to invest

The tourist traffic to Altai is rapidly growing by number of reasons.

A diverse landscape creates all year-round ambience for all types of leisure: detox programs, quiet secluded relaxation, sports, mountain climbing, travel.

Altai. Location 1
Altai. Location 1
Altai. Location 1

About location

The apartment complex is located in the Uimon Valley at the feet of the Altai Mountains. It belongs to the Gorny Altai's territory by the banks of the Katun River (Ust-Koksinsky District).

How to get there

Regular flights to Gorno-Altaysk with a change in Ust-Koks.

The village can be reached by car by paved road.

Distance — 529 km from Gorno-Altaysk.

About the complex

The complex provides all infrastructure needed - roads, water, electricity and a lobby area for common use. It has its own stable and spa area.



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