Elbrus Region

Elbrus Region


One of the most beautiful places of the Caucasus Mountains. Mountaineering and skiing heart of Russia.


Elbrus is a region where you can not hide a camera. The landscape is constantly changing: pine forests, alpine meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, mineral water valleys. The weather diverses too and a warm jacket could come in handy in summer.

Elbrus is a cult center for climbers and skiers who come here from all over Russia. The peaks are snowy all year round. Though there is no need to be specially trained or equipped to explore the region and its nature. Here are plenty of mountain roads and picturesque paths, and professional guides offer excursions to waterfalls and springs.


The climate is moderately continental and mild, there are a lot of sunny days throughout the year on the foothill. The weather in the highlands is changeable and depends on altitude.

A skiing season lasts from November to May when the slopes are snowy and sunlit.

From June to August tourists experience hiking, horseback riding and visit excursions to waterfalls and springs. June can be rainy.

  • Elbrus Region
  • Elbrus Region
  • Elbrus Region

Curious fact

35 km of snow slopes are available for skiers in the main ski centers.

Tourist traffic

Tourist flow is continuous during the year round.


32 MO


Why is it worth to invest

The Elbrus region attracts athletes and tourists for decades. This main russian ski resort is closer and cheaper than European ones and provides long slopes for both experienced and novice skiers.

Elbrus. Location 1
Elbrus. Location 1

About location

The apartment complex is located in the Azau meadow 2300 meters above sea level at the foot of Elbrus Mountain.

How to get there

It is easy to get the meadow by car from Mineralnye Vody Airport. Good paved road.

Distance — 200 km from Mineralnye Vody.

About the complex

The complex provides all infrastructure needed - roads, water, electricity and a lobby area for common use.

Доступность к горнолыжным склонам. 

Elbrus Region